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  • GREAT depression – I Am Investor
    Bisnis com, JAKARTA – Kendati relatif stagnan, prospek konsumsi masyarakat atau daya beli diyakini akan melonjak pada kuartal IV 2017 Febrio N Kacaribu Head of Research for Makro and Finance LPEM Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia mengatakan stagnasi daya beli terjadi karena kelas menengah selama tiga kuartal terakhir telah menahan belanjanya
  • Dividends and The Great Depression - Dividend Growth Investor
    I am a long term buy and hold investor who focuses on dividend growth stocks Friday, December 5, 2008 Dividends and The Great Depression Many pundits are comparing the recent bear market declines in the major US indexes to the market action from the Great Depression Some go as far as comparing the current market decline to the bursting of
  • An Investment Strategy for the Next Depression | HuffPost
    Every day I get calls from investors who are absolutely certain we are headed for a depression They want to know if I agree and what they should do to prepare I have no idea whether we are headed for a depression or a recovery Neither do those who make predictions so confidently In 1987, one of the bestselling books was The Great
  • Great Depression | Contrarian Investors Journal
    During the Great Depression, gold mining stock prices were the only bright light in the darkness As one of our readers found a 1931 newspaper quote,
  • Market Crashes: The Great Depression (1929)
    During the craze before the Great Depression a number of academics, including Roger Babson, were predicting a crash if things didn't calm the hell down Sadly, for every Roger Babson, there were four bull-blinded academics guaranteeing the eternal rapid growth of the American stock market Although Babson had been predicting the crash for years
  • The Great Depression II: Five Ways To Survive - Forbes
    Ideas from Forbes Investor Team full bio → The Great Depression II: Five Ways To Survive Clem Chambers, Contributor We have already been through the worst economic times in modern history It’s still debatable as to whether the current economic strife–kicked off in 2007–is worse than the 1970s, although it can’t be
  • Great Depression: A Diary - GuruFocus. com
    Great Depression: A Diary, Stocks: SPY,DJI,QQQ, release date:Dec 23, 2011 Home 1931 – “It is difficult if not impossible to do but the conservative longtime investor who follows the general rule of buying stocks when they are selling far below their intrinsic value and nobody wants them, and of selling his stocks when people are bidding
  • Investing during a Great Depression - Marketplace
    Question: How do you depression-proof your assets My husband says there's no way; that's what a depression means My grandmother who survived the Depression said to just keep working and hang onto what ever real property you can; she never has believed in stocks, bonds, or anything "that I can't

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